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by Dr. Robert Benza, MD 22. February 2013 15:25
I am excited to participate in the education of patients in regard to eye health.  Preventative medicine is an important part of how we stay healthy as a society.  I'm sure many patients do not realize that there are many basic things we can do to help the condition of our eyes.  Many of these ideas include certain types of diet, protective eyewear and lenses, and good general health principles.

On a daily basis,  we see many eye diseases including cataract, macular degeneration,  as well as eye injuries. As for cataract, many physicians feel that sun exposure over years along with poor nutrition and diet may increase your risk for cataract over time.   Wearing a good pair of sunglasses along with a good diet very well may decrease some of that risk.

Macular degeneration is another disease which is more common in light eyed (blue or hazel) patients, excessive sun exposure, individuals who smoke along with uncontrolled elevated cholesterol.  

We encourage these patients to wear sunglasses, control their cholesterol and consider multivitamin therapy if ok with their primary care physician.

As spring arrives,  more children and adults participate in sporting events. Too many major eye injuries occur each year due to lack of eye protection.  We encourage all of our athletes to wear eye protection whenever possible. These types of injuries can result in permanent loss of vision.
As mentioned above,  good general health principles also apply to the eye. Not smoking, controlling your cholesterol, wearing sunglasses and protective eyewear are all basic ways you contribute positively to the health of your eyes.  Enjoy the Spring but protect those eyes!

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chris saffin
chris saffin
2/25/2014 10:02:40 AM #

Great info.  I look forward to getting more great tips.

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